Thursday, November 17, 2005

The very first step

I am ready to take my very first step. Just finished reading the DRC manual available here. It is a good read and I can imagine the amount of work Dennis has put into it! At thie juncture, I would like to thank Dennis and all who have contributed to this great program!

So, the next step is to try it out with my laptop. I think I will generate the room correction filter first and than try to apply it over the wav files of my favourite CDs for a good comparison before investing on a convolver PC.

As a start, I will follow this step by step guide

Well, all the softwares are ready. I just need to work out the connection! I think I need a good microphone, then connect that to a mic preamp and then to the line in of the sound card.......

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


I begin my Hifi journal 2 years ago when I bought my Onkyo amp and a pair of Q5. My addition cycle up very quickly after I built my first DIY preamp and then a pair of OTL amp! One thing I aways wonder is why the same piece of equiptment sound so differnt from my house and my friends house! One thing that comes to me after some serious search on the internet is room acoustics!

Of course, one way of solving the problem is to use various absorbers but this will be an eye sore at home and my wife will certainly refuse! Then I come across Tact. It is a great little piece of equiptment and the one I am using is Tact 2.0s.

The setup is easy and I will not repeat it as you can probably find it elsewhere. Awhile later, after I have heard an active speaker system in a friend's place, I decided that active crossover is the way to go. Another extensive search in the internet shows that there are a few options. 1. A DIY active crossover with opamp crossover system which correct the phase difference between drivers as well. I chose the second option and bought DEQX. This piece of equipment allows 3 output for a 3-way speaker. I do not use its "room correction" function as it is really not room correction!

So, so far so good! But it doesn't end here! Now I am building a 4-way system and DEQX cannot provide a 4 way output. So, another extensive search on the internet bought me here!

Now, I am planning to sell my Tact and DEQX and I use a Audio PC to set it up! Thanks to Uli, who is very kind to give me a starting point with BruteFIR and DRC.

I have also come across this site with very useful information and tips.