Monday, May 28, 2007

Continue with Acourate

It has been a while since I have time to paly with this toy again. Well, a few changes to my life
1. New speakers are finally here
2. New kid
3. New job

The last 2 have negative impact on my hobby but the first one is a good drive.

The new speaker is a 3 way design with Raven R2 as the tweeter and At as the mid and bass. I have also made 2 x w210 as a coner woofer/sub. Now, if I want to hear any music, I have get moving. And this comes to the power of Acourate.

Acourate comes with many function but basically, it can be devided into
1. Crossover generation - this is by no means simple steep slope LR or B filter. It is minimal phase. To understand the beauty of it and why it is the best crossover system than active and passive, you have to check out the white paper here.

2. Driver linearization - When you buy expensive speakers, the manufacturer will try to mactch the drivers for you so that the left and right is balanced (so they say). But when you DIY speaker, the drivers are not matched. Even when they are matched, they don't behanve exactly the same manner as the crossover anticipates. Driver linearization analyse the drivers behaviour and give it an extra push when the amplitude is sagging and hold itback a little when it is too excited. This way, the driver will be matched both side and follow the behaviour the crossover predicts

3. Digital alignment - This is used to align the tweeter, mid, woofer and sub so that the sound arrive to the ear at the exact time.

4. Room correction - All the benefits of digital room correction I mentioned before are incorported here!


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